SeaLandAire offers a wide variety of data collection products


Acoustic sensors that will meet your specific needs

Hydrophone technologies were the basis for the founding of our business.  We have over 250 man-years of collective experience in acoustic sensor development and system integration.  Based on the… Continue Reading

Moored Acoustic Reference Systems

High fidelity directional acoustic data made simple and transportable

Moored acoustic reference systems are rapidly fieldable units based on our low drag float platform.  They feature a DIFAR lower unit with a constant shallow omni, 0.6 KW-hr onboard energy, and … Continue Reading

PUMA Surface Vehicle

Advanced Mobile shallow water sensor platform

The PUMA surface vehicle is the first commercialized version of several previously developed DoD autonomous surface vehicles. Its modular mechanical and electrical architectures, two man portability, and advanced feature… Continue Reading

Low Drag Floats

Modular marine platforms customizable for your specific need

Low drag floats are a simple and elegant solution to an urgent marine sensor need.  Constructed of highly durable expanded polypropylene and designed to provide stability in high current … Continue Reading