SeaLandAire Technologies Main Office

SeaLandAire Technologies, Inc., founded in 1997, is a privately-owned small business located at 817 W. High Street in Jackson, Michigan where it leases office and lab area for the fabrication and testing of prototype assemblies.  SeaLandAire meets the Government requirements for a Small Business under the criteria and size standards of FAR 19.102 and the regulatory requirements of 13 CFR Part 121.  More than fifty employees currently work for SeaLandAire.  Our facilities comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations for federal, State of Michigan, and local governments.

Specific to the development of hydrophone technology, we maintain an Actran acoustic calibrator with a custom LabView testing interface for hydrophone development and calibration.  For larger array systems, we have access to a variety of computer tools for acoustic modeling of concepts and geometry