Sensor Systems

Monitoring and surveillance sensor systems form the core of SeaLandAire’s technology base. We have built on our experience in underwater acoustics to include the entire data collection process, from sensor implementation and sampling to data communication, storage, and processing. Our data centric mindset ensures you receive the most robust solution – getting you the data you need is our highest priority.

  • Both passive and active underwater acoustic tools for general ISR, naval ASW, and marine mammal mitigation
  • Gunshot detection and localization through data fusion of air acoustics and optical sensing techniques
  • Optical and acoustic imaging systems for surveillance and navigation applications
  • Detection and tracking of walking humans using seismic sensors
  • Data storage, processing, & visualization
  • Data communications, including:
    • Over the horizon / beyond line of sight satellite modems (e.g. Iridium)
    • Line of sight digital transceivers (900Mhz & 2.4GHz Freewave®, Digi®)
    • VHF / UHF (sonobuoy bands
    • Acoustic modems

List of Applicable Projects / Products