Moored Acoustic Reference System

The purpose of the SeaLandAire Moored Acoustic Reference System (MARS) is to monitor ambient noise and subsurface acoustic communication signals (underwater sounds). It consists of a modified sonobuoy transmitter and hydrophone mounted to a ridged foam float. Replaceable modules contain rechargeable batteries, surface electronics, RF antenna for signal transmission to a shore station, and navigation light.

In operation, MARS is secured to the ocean bottom by a Danforth style anchor in 30 feet of water and a hydrophone is suspended off the bottom. The system includes a battery charger, RF receiver and antenna for the shore station. The system is sized and designed for hand deployment and recovery from a small boat. The anchor and chain are designed to allow the buoy to hold its position during tidal changes and 2 knot currents.

MARS provides quick turn and low cost design due to features including:

  • Pre-formed float blank that allows customization
  • Off the Shelf Sonobuoy hardware that can easily be modified to provide premium performance at minimal cost
  • Off the Shelf mechanical hardware
  • Modular battery pack that allows use of alternative chemistry batteries as required
  • Modular construction
  • Customizable data acquisition platform
  • Low system noise