The Miniature Directional Acoustic Receiver (MDAR) and Miniature Commandable Impulsive Acoustic Source (MCIAS)—affectionately termed ‘mini buoys’—are SeaLandAire’s response to saving volume and weight without sacrificing performance in anti-submarine warfare sensors. These buoys are 1/16th the size of typical A-size sonobuoy and are completely packaged in an MJU-10/B flare housing. Both mini buoys were developed with SBIR funds.

Further development of MDAR and MCIAS miniature sonobuoys will allow deployment from numerous short-range platforms, providing critical information for the warfighter in the unforgiving acoustic environment of littoral waters. Because of their small size, delivery platforms can now include small UAVs and helicopters, while providing fuel savings for platforms that typically carried A-size sensors.

Fields of miniature receivers, in conjunction with miniature active sources, could achieve detection capability to counter emerging threats in littoral waters. Within the Phase II efforts, SeaLandAire developed and tested fully functional system hardware, furthered by a cost-sharing arrangement with a prime sonobuoy manufacturer in the development of a miniaturized directional acoustic reciever and source.