Covert Sensor Package / Threat Spectrum Direction Finding Unit

SeaLandAire developed a network of sensor nodes capable of detecting and localizing (direction) gunfire in contested environments. Two unique Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) designs were developed to improve performance through data fusion. The Gateway unit contains an unstructured self localized array of microphones providing acoustic beamforming, and served as the hub for the RF network.

The smaller units, called Motes, included optical detectors and omnidirectional acoustic microphones to detect both muzzle flash and the gunfire report. Several stages of data fusion were developed to reduce probability of false alarms and improve localization performance. The system is intended for UAVs or other stand-off deployment methods and is designed to last for multiple days at full duty cycle.

Accomplishments include acoustic and optical sensor development, miniaturized design and system integration including power, control, data fusion and communications. Capabilities demonstrated from live gunfire field tests included:

  • Successful ground deployment and distribution of the acoustic array using multiple mechanical prototypes of both Gateway and Mote configurations.
  • Demonstrated localization accuracy using updated array self-localization algorithm.
  • Acoustic & optical data collection capability.
  • Determined range capability of optical sensor.
  • Demonstrated beamformer performance on post-processed gunfire data using unstructured, self-localized acoustic array positions.
  • Verified wireless data transmissions from Motes to Gateways.