Compact Riverine AUV

SeaLandAire has led in the development of a compact, light-weight (less than 20 lbs) Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) designed to map and report bathymetry and intrusive objects in a loosely designated channel.

The small size and complex operating environment impose key challenges:

  • Efficient propulsion and maneuvering in high currents
  • Maximize energy storage capacity (neutrally buoyant)
  • Use imaging sonar to provide DVL-like feedback
  • Determine path to avoid obstacles and stay away from banks
  • Fusion of mapped solution with aerial/satellite imagery in situ to calibrate on-board sensor drift

Accomplishments include:

  • Development of simulation tools to evaluate vehicle performance
  • Finalized proposed vehicle design – generated CAD model
  • Obtained river test data with forward looking sonar
  • Evaluated image processing solutions on collected data
    • Flow processing / bottom tracking (forward speed over ground, side slip, rotation)
    • Obstacle / feature recognition