About Us

We are an engineering company composed of people that care about what they do

Some of what makes us unique

We are an engineering services company composed of people that care about what they do. Born of both big and small businesses alike, we have a very well-rounded engineering staff with extensive experience deploying unattended systems in difficult environments. We are a small and highly versatile group, yet still capable of satisfying even the most demanding support requirements. Although we can easily comply with more regulated contracts, we are not defined by paperwork and still offer a great return on every dollar brought into our facility. From proposal partnerships to contract negotiations to deliverables, you will find SeaLandAire a noteworthy team member.

Case Study

In the Fall of 2009, we were approached by another business in need of a propulsion and navigation system for 4.875” diameter AUV (CMAS). The timeline was tight, as they had spent several unnsuccessful months in budget negotiations with a larger firm. SeaLandAire placed a bid which was quickly accepted. By May of 2010, we completed two hardware revisions, completed two full system tests, and delivered two units featuring a tuned propulsion system and a compass based dead reckoning navigation solution. We make it a point not to over promise or under deliver.